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Recently, many home owners, and those with holiday homes, have found themselves under great financial pressure, struggling to make mortgage payments and to have any free time from work to holiday themselves. However, Tripezi- a new player in the market of holiday rentals, est. 2012- has provided a solution, which not only benefits those with properties but that also assists those who are keen to travel but are finding it hard to locate affordable accommodation.

Tripezi caters for those with accommodation, from a spare room to a villa or house- to let out their property directly to holidaymakers. The service provides a straightforward way for owners, who then become hosts, to list their property and be contacted by potential travellers who would like to stay there. Listing is made easy requiring some photos of the property, to entice travellers, and giving the host an opportunity to lay down any house rules leaving Tripezi to do the rest. Soon hosts can be renting out their property regularly or just when they go on holiday themselves providing what can be and vital boost in income. 

However, using Tripezi does not only benefit those wishing to make money letting their accommodation, as it is a cheaper alternative to extortionate hotel prices for those looking to travel – making getaways with Tripezi a very affordable option. Guests can choose from a variety of popular destinations worldwide and there is accommodation to suit individuals, groups or families and sometimes even pets. Those who stay with hosts rather than hotels can also boast a more in depth cultural experience, being able to source local knowledge from their host, those who travel with Tripezi can take advantage of the best places to see, dine and experience. On top of this if you have any problems Tripezi holds your payment until twenty-four hours after you arrive to ensure your happy making us a secure and effortless way to holiday. Therefore, whether you are a host, a guest or both Tripezi provides you with the essential online holiday rental marketplace allowing you to start hosting and making some extra cash from your property or to find the perfect inexpensive accommodation for your holiday.

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