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Want to know more? contact us at info@tripezi.com


Want to know more? Contact us at info@tripezi.com



Please note we do not allow property owners to mention their contact number, emails or website link in the Property description. A potential guest  can contact you via our website.
• We review each listing before it goes live and if you mention any of the contact details in property description;  your ad will be deleted.
• Your ad will only go live if you are verified by a valid contact number / Facebook, Linkedin
• Please fill all possible details in your profile before you list a property.
• You will not get direct payments from the guests, we take payments from the guests and hold it till 24 hours after  their check in.
• All UK property owners will be paid out in their bank accounts whereas all overseas host will need a  Paypal account to get pay outs.

Tips for a good listing

Upload photographs

Take appealing photographs of your accommodation with as high a quality as possible. Browse through our website to get an idea of the photographs which hosts have previously uploaded. It is important to note that photographs are the main factor in a guest's choice to stay at a property.

Give a Detailed Description of the property

Guests arriving at your property that they have never been before will want to know some background information on what they should expect for their money. About 200-250 words should suffice, giving details about the accommodation, the local area and what they should envisage.

Upload a Profile Photo, Give Some Information about Yourself

Help visitors put a face to a name by uploading a pleasant photograph of yourself in you profile, and make certain that you add verifications. The visitors are more likely to trust someone if they can see a friendly face. Frequently visitors like to stay with hosts who share common hobbies, so share some information about you and your social life.

Set a Competitive Nightly Rate

If you are unsure at what going rate is and what to charge for your property then peruse through the site to see what hosts in your local area are charging. Overall, it is better to charge a little lower when a new host and then charge more when you get more reviews.

Update your Calendar Regularly

Updating your calendar on a regular basis makes it easier for you as the host and the visitors who can see whether or not your property is available. It also increases your listing's visibility as and makes you appear higher in searches.

 Want to know more? Contact us at info@tripezi.com